Top web hosting,best web hosting,best shared hosting,best reseller hosting
Top web hosting,best web hosting,best shared hosting,best reseller hosting
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Top web hosting,best web hosting,best shared hosting,best reseller hosting

FatCow Web Hosting Reviews

Posted March 24th, 2010

Established in 1998, specializes in providing web hosting solutions to small and medium sized businesses and individuals that are looking for affordable web hosting options. In the ratings of the websites, the web hosting site has been ranked among the top ten on the web.

Excellent user-friendly features, support services, and low pricing at $3.67 per month are the highlights of the site. Reliability feature is also good at around 80%. Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and add-on domains are the major advantages for clients. Free site builder, CGI-BIN, SSI, Frontpage extensions, and FTP access is also allowed. The site provides unlimited email facilities for the client.

On the down side is the non availability of free domain names and the client has to purchase domain name desired. However, the web host supports most of the modern software and plugsins and has ecommerce features like PayPal integrating, shop site, shared SSL and power pay. It also has the full refund plan on completion of the 30-day trial period if the customer is not satisfied.

Fatcow is not a scam and there are no customer complaints I have heard till now. Fast Internet upload and download, fast server and efficient customer supports are the highlights of besides unlimited web hosting at affordable prices.

Top web hosting,best web hosting,best shared hosting,best reseller hosting
Top web hosting,best web hosting,best shared hosting,best reseller hosting
Top web hosting,best web hosting,best shared hosting,best reseller hosting
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Top web hosting,best web hosting,best shared hosting,best reseller hosting

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Top web hosting,best web hosting,best shared hosting,best reseller hosting
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Top web hosting,best web hosting,best shared hosting,best reseller hosting
Top web hosting,best web hosting,best shared hosting,best reseller hosting
Top web hosting,best web hosting,best shared hosting,best reseller hosting

50 Responses to “FatCow Web Hosting Reviews”

  1. Mary says:

    This is truly an awesome web hosting site. The site provides services so very cheaply, with their very low rates. I have been able to found another site that would be like this site and it really is very easy to be using the check out features. HostingFest would be windows based Hosting Company. That would specialize in the ASP.NET, MSSQL 2005 along with ColdFusion. We would also provide the PHP and the MySQL in all the hosting packages.

  2. David says:

    I do have an account at Fatcow and I am more than happy with all of their services. The Fatcow provider truly is very customer friendly and the most importantly this would be that the tech support will always be at 100%. The time that would be spent hold will always be very minimal and all of the questions asked along with any help I have needed was done in a very timely and very polite manner.

  3. Jeany says:

    Well, like anyone that would be in the support group, I truly was not alone. I will be very blunt. FatCow truly needs to be avoided at all times, until they have gotten their business in order. This would be judging their attitudes. They are never going to be able to get their act together. If you are looking for, very reliable email services, super fast web servers, very quick SQL connections between the web and the SQL, reliable LAMP platforms, wise technical support, everything being bundled like the sub domains and the MySQL servers, or even the response to any of your inquiries after you had made your purchase, then you would never want to be considering FatCow as your option. I had received a response to one of my emails stating how I shouldn’t expect too much for the price that I had paid. But, my response to that was I would expect the wonderful experience that you had promised on the website. Would you thing this would be way too much for me to be asking for? No, I don’t think so. I would think that FatCow is a very dishonest scam. Sigh, I will never use them again.

  4. Adam says:

    If you are very web savvy, I would imagine that you would be able to manipulate the services into doing whatever you would want it to do. Also, if you would be someone very new to the web hosting or site building, or you would need the website for basic purposes, this would be able to serve you very well. But, If you would fall somewhere in between the knowledge or needs then, this site would be very frustrating, awkward and has buggy tools for your to use along with very TERRIBLE tech support. Not being terrible in their availability, since many people on the site are available for the live chats, but I mean terrible with the troubleshooting. Most of their solutions that they would offer would later be offered to me offline through a support ticket. But, they would be commonly containing directions that would make no sense, never addressing the original problems or would be directing you to doing something that you have already done. After staying with them for over a year, I am now out there looking for a very different web host.

  5. Zack says:

    I am truly impressed with FatCow’s tech support. I really had a huge problem with the domain transfers. They got onto my case very fast then had my issues resolved the very same day I had gotten a hold of them. I cannot thank FatCow enough for saving the domain along with my business. They truly do have a very loyal customer in me right here.

  6. Keith says:

    I have done research and I have called many different hosting companies before signing up for the web hosting, and I have found out the FatCow seems to be my best option in choosing the right web hosting services. When I had called FatCow the call was taken very quickly by the support agents that are in Phoenix, Arizona. Truly I was very surprised by their speed in answering and also by how they have the domestic support centers. Then the agent actually was able to explain all of the features that FatCow would provide, their prices along with walking me through all of the signing up process, in English. I have called them a few times since then for getting help on setting up my web site and every time they had been very patient with me along with being extremely helpful. This truly is a amazing company that I will be recommending to anyone that would be needing the web hosting services.

  7. Tim says:

    I truly do enjoy FatCow’s drag and drop site builders. This is just the greatest thing and so very easy to use. It will not only be able to provide the templates, but, it will also allow me to modify them any way that I would want to! This really has taken flexibility along with ease of being able to build a web site to a greater level! You truly need to give FatCow a try!

  8. Sammy says:

    Their hosting side is ok, but their email servers truly are touchy. We had many sites over the years and just recently, due to different problems with our previous hosts, we had decided on going with FatCow. The tech support was really good, however they had tried to diligently tell us that there was a shut off due to their servers was all of OUR fault. They would not solve our problems even after we had followed every instruction they gave us. Nothing had worked. We then had to change services since. We had run two businesses that would always depend on the net. I never will recommend FatCow to anyone who will depend on the emails.

  9. Mark says:

    It has been long time since I had signed up with fatcow, and I have not been disappointed at all. I would not host any high trafficked e-commerce sites on the shared hosting, but for just a hobby site or the low traffic site, I truly this is just perfect. Their plans have all the great features for the email accounts along with the domain management, the easy word installations and also have the Google webmaster tools. I had called the support a couple of times that was regarding the domain transfers and every time it truly was a very pleasant experience along with the tech support agents being truly helpful for me. I would love to recommend fatcow for everyone who would need very simple, very reliable solutions for their web hosting needs.

  10. Jason says:

    When going FatCow I thought this was going to be a great investment. I truly was very wrong! I had asked for some help in registering my very first domain that was included in the package I had chosen. Their support member had given me very incorrect information that had led me to be paying an additional $20 and then they had refused to give the money back. So since I had already used the free domain credits, I had asked another support member for help on registering the new domain for no charge. I had asked them to just do it, instead of me doing it wrong, and then they had even done it incorrectly! So then I had turned around and got charged for yet again another domain. Once I had gone with the 3rd tech support member, they had refunded me $20 and then registered me a domain. But, with this ending me having to pay charges due to Fatcow’s faults. I am never going to use them again! I am never going to recommend them to anyone else either. They had given me nothing but problems.

  11. George says:

    I had tried many different hosting companies for the last 6 years, and I am truly surprised with the FatCow support team. Support is truly very important to me, since I am willing to be dealing with the issues knowing that the people that are behind the hosting site will be very willing to help me in any way possible. And I truly had found just what I am looking for. The FatCow team is truly very professional and will provide the excellent support.

  12. Melissa says:

    Fatcow runs so slowly when you would be uploading or even when you are running the larger websites. FatCows applications for the easy installs are really out dated by at least a year or even longer. If you were to get hacked, then FatCow is just going to turn your site off without every emailing or calling you, they will just shut you down! Then after the shut down they will send you an email. Fatcow will not just turn your site back on. They will take a long time to fix the problems. I am never going to recommend Fatcow to anyone that would need to depend on a hosting service. If you would need a hosting service for your business website, NEVER go with Fatcow!

  13. Lucas says:

    FatCow truly does have a decent hosting package. I got a free domain for life, the unlimited quotas along with so many free additions. This truly is a deal that is very tough to be beaten. On top of all of this, they have provided us with the North American support team. I am not sure how they would be able to do all of this and still keep it very affordable for us all. Amazing job FatCow!

  14. James says:

    I really want to thank the FatCow tech support team. They have been so helpful and very patient with me. This has been the best customer service that I had ever experienced. Now days, you do not get this anymore. If all of the FatCow agents would be like the ones that I have dealt with then I would say that FatCow truly has an amazing tech support team!

  15. Sara says:

    I have been trying to build the wife a site for her hobby for a long time. And every time I would get very discouraged by other site builders that many hosting companies would offer, but now that I have signed up for FatCow. They truly do offer some amazing tools that have made it so simple for me to build the site for my wife. FatCow’s site builder has actually become very enjoyable to use. The most importantly this is that now my wife is truly happy with her site.

  16. Sara says:

    After transferring from GoDaddy over to FatCow I had payed a significant less amount of money for the web hosting services and I am getting so much more! Most importantly, I am truly getting live support if I happen to have any questions along with having any difficulties. This truly is a great service!

  17. Ken says:

    Before signing up for FatCow I had reviewed so many other web hosting companies. The result was that FatCow was the best value. Their package that they offer you truly is universal. I am planning on having a blog along with e-commerce site, and I could use an account just to host them both. I truly like the control panel. It is so easy to use! I am very ecstatic with the choice I had made.

  18. Chris says:

    You need to watch out for their hidden fees right here folks! The entire thing what would glitter truly is not always going to be gold. Just for example, you need to be paying almost $8 extra a month just for your site to be redirected to the domain name you have chosen. That would be unless you would want to be paying the extra money for you to have the domain redirect, so your domain name would be the link to your direct site. Make sure you have checked out other hosting plan that would not have any and hidden fees along with no contracts.

  19. Allen says:

    So far the experience with FatCow is awesome. I have only called the tech support once. They had answered my questions very fast and everything has been fixed. I have 2 shared business accounts, and had been very impressed with their service. Thank you FatCow.

  20. Don says:

    Never sign up with FatCow, they truly are very terrible. Their help service are very awful along with a tech support agent had told me he would like to hang up the phone on me, since my case had been sent to their management and there would be nothing else that they could do. I had purchased the SSL from them and they have never even sent me it, and finally I had to request the refund. This took place within their 48 hour time frame, so it was within the refund policy terms.

  21. Matt says:

    I had done some research before I had chosen to take the FatCow services and truly thought this would be the best of options. But, if you would have the professional sites then please never use FatCow. The reasons would be that FatCow is not very reliable. Their up time is very low. FatCow does not allow CMS to be used. FatCow is not really good for the business sites. FatCow has issues when you would be using the MySql Database. I work as an engineer and have been working with the WWW field from a very long time and have never seen this type of very poor services.

  22. Michael says:

    I had never had any problems with FatCow, until the domain address had expired. This had occurred with the other hosting companies that we had used, but truly was quickly resolved. But, With FatCow, they have given us a run around for at least 2 weeks now, and our site is still down while dealing with this. Their customer service support was truly horrible. I would like to advise anyone never to use FatCow.

  23. Justin says:

    I am very impressed with the site builder from FatCow. I have used a couple other sites that had builders on them and now I have finally found something that I am able to enjoy using. The site builder is easy to use and will allow you to achieve the great results even when your not a professional web designer.

  24. Marie says:

    Back in Nov of 09 FatCow had gone down for 2 hours. This was the same for my site. Their installations have been down so many times. I am sincerely debating on changing servers and never recommending FatCow to anyone out there. Saying this is frustrating would truly be an understatement.

  25. Paul says:

    Signed up for FatCow just last week. This process was very smooth and very easy to do. Their site builder truly is very cool, it is very intuitive and so easy for you to use. The day after I signed up I got the welcome call from the MooCrew, this was a huge surprise. You truly couldn’t ask for much more. I strongly recommend FatCow.

  26. Henry says:

    The tech support is very awful. It has takes them many hours to start answering questions, even ones you never have asked. They will never pay attention to the actual problems, but they will only give you the same answers that you have already gotten from reading instructions. Many of the tech supports are very rude and very condescending. Many different people are going to tell you many types of solutions. I had spent about 4 days just trying to get very simple questions answered. They will keep sending me replies that would have nothing referring to my questions. Choose a different more reliable company.

  27. Angel says:

    I have been with FatCow for about 6 months now and I am getting very outstanding service. They had provided great tools that have tutorials to help out for me to have the best features that they provide. The FatCow tech support team truly has been very outstanding! I have talked to them about 2 times, but every time I did got a very quick professional answer to my questions. This is the best hosting service ever.

  28. Oliver says:

    My account had been suspended without any notice at all. They had put out a notice to my client’s homepages that would state that their host accounts had been suspended. After I had calling the support, the account had been corrected and then turned right back on many hours later. Now I had been totally locked out of the account. I had been told there was Unlimited Disk Space accounts have been exceeded. I had been only using under 56MB. Their tech support has even changed my password without even giving me any notice at all. I had contact the support through the live chat many times, due to my issues of logging in and my connecting to it by the FTP. I continuously was told that it would take about 15minutes or up to 20 for this to be completed. Finally the final tech support agent had not even been able to help me at all. They even refused to do a transfer so I could talk with their manager.

  29. Thomas says:

    For their basic emails, they will give you about 250mg of space. But, what they will not mention to you would be that the total 3000mg would also be including all that you have sent. This will also include of the bounce backs that you get. Yes, you are going to want to make sure that you have cleaned out your box all the time, but you are not going to be able to depend on a very strong email server.

  30. Gavin says:

    I have to admit that when I had signed up for FatCow I was very impressed with their tech support along with the user friendly controls. My website truly is pretty basic so I will only need to go into the control panel only about once every three months or so. 2 months back FatCow had reduced the email quota greatly! I then was getting way too many calls from my customers talking about the bounced back emails. Then I had noticed they changed their interface for my email logs that made it so crazy to be using. Now it has become user UNfriendly. My last straw was the other day when I had tried to get into my control panel, I couldn’t do it since they have required you to change the passwords every other week and you would need to use numbers, letters and punctuations! When I had called the tech support, I had actually gotten hung up on. Later I got to speak to their supervisor and they were even rude to me also. I truly was VERY angry and decided that I was going to cancel the services and seek out a different host. Fatcow is going to start off being your dream come true, and ending as a real nightmare. Never will I deal with them again.

  31. Rudy says:

    I am a truly happy customer for many years. FatCow’s customer service is pretty good. However their technical support leaves tons of things that need to be improved. Once I have started to use the MYSQL, I had started to have massive timeouts, or the site would load extremely slowly. Just for the home use it is ok. But, once the site had became more and more work related it was time for me to shop around. Good prices. They have enabled the custom dns managers for your accounts by request, this is totally wonderful! They also have tons of scripts that are pre-installed for you already. Unfortunately, I could not deal with their response times of their pages and had to find a new host.

  32. Quinn says:

    Never use this company. I would be able to write an entire book on every issue I have had with them. The latest issue would be that they had reduced the sizes of the email inboxes by about 90%. This was without any notice at all. This would mean that every email that was sent to my box was then bounced. Now they had told me that they are unable to ever change their email storage. Also, they had never figured out the reason that half of my tries to log in through their web mail. It would time out or even takes me over a minute to work. The customer service truly is not working right at all. Never waste your time using this company.

  33. Gary says:

    Before I had switched to FatCow I used the Bluehost and got booted all the time with not one answer as to why. I had later got told the reason was that I had used way too much bandwidth. While using FatCow, we never have that issue anymore. I truly recommend FatCow to anyone needing this type of service. Since 2009, FatCow has advanced in being the best for people. Their support service is one of the best that I have dealt with in all the years that I have been on the net. I truly do recommend FatCow.

  34. Jeremy says:

    FatCow is wonderful if you would want a very small site. But if you would want to grow or even make some changes, I would suggest that you would find a different host. If you would use their HTML site editor, you’re going to find yourself on the phone with their tech support way too often. They had released a different web builder. It is going to cost you $100 for 6 pages in a year. But, everything other is going to cost you extra. If there is no php, java, or scripts, there is no support for you out there. But, for the basic support there is going to be tons of help for you. But, I would only give their support a 5 ½ out of a scale of 10.

  35. Julie says:

    I have been with FatCow for only a couple months now and will only be able to give you great reviews on their service. Their price values are the very best that I have ever dealt with on the market today. I will always recommend that anyone use them over all of the other hosting sites. I have 2 domains that are hosted though FatCow. Also there is a great independent in their great forums. When I had a couple little problems all I did was go to the forums and I found the answers right there without bothering anyone else. The forums have some very competent moderators that can be truly helpful to you! A huge welcome to everyone who will join this amazing site of hosting.

  36. Patrick says:

    It really isn’t very natural for one to put the highest rating on the options, but I had been with FatCow over a year now and there have never been any problems for me. I now have 10 blogs that are hosted through them and do plan to have much more very soon. Every question I have had has been answered the very same day, normally within about 20 minutes of me asking. You really need to give them a try.

  37. Levi says:

    The last hosting company I had would always kick me off of their tech support lines. I have only called FatCow two times so far for just the advanced changes that had been made. They had me online until all of my problems had been solved to the fullest. I truly felt very taken care of by FatCow. I never had to deal with the reps that had been reading their scripts, trying to help people when they had no idea what to do. FatCow’s level one techs are very knowledgeable and can help me to work through anything I need help with. When the issues needed to be handled by the level 2 techs, I didn’t have to keep repeating my issues over and over again. The level one tech took care of all of this for me pre-hand. I do not have one complaint about Fat Cow at all. They truly are awesome!

  38. Tracy says:

    Our dating network has been hosted by FatCow along without smf forums. Their support truly is very fast along with their responses. The control panel truly is user friendly along with giving you a huge advantage for everyone. Overall we had used the ticket supports maybe 5 times and they have always been very promptly responded to. I have noticed only a few bad reviews on their site but, honestly I think that FatCow is very reliable along with being a very lenient provider. I assume many of their users that had left the bad reviews must have had heavy sites, since we had never encountered any issue that had been reported. I have already recommended that 2 people use FatCow that only have very nice things to say about FatCow. Great work FatCow 🙂

  39. Marilyn says:

    I have been with FatCow for over a year now and would never be able to be any happier with them. I had switched from godaddy and it has truly been well worth the change. In addition using FatCow they have lowered their prices. So now they are even more affordable for everyone. From everything being very fast and truly reliable, their tech support has also given you no down time. Their control panel really is very great, since you can now be able to set up your databases with so much ease and no waiting! In just a few little clicks you could upload new versions of everything and it all is right there at your own finger tips. So I truly believe that FatCow is #1 of all the hosting services out there. But this would be giving that they would keep everything that same great way they do everything. I always refer all my clients to come over to FatCow as well.

  40. Greg says:

    I have been working on my Internet Marketing for about 2 years now. I have gone through 5 or 6 different hosting sites since I had started. I lost so much money and time using the bad hosting services. They would shut down your websites for whatever reasons they want then not tell you why and never give you solutions. So, if you would be very serious about being able to work on the net then you would truly need some reliable hosting services that would also have an amazing customer support to back them up. You would want them to be quick in reaction, truly be very helpful in finding solutions along with never being disappointed all the time. If this would be something that you would want to be dealing with then, you would really need to be checking into FatCow!

  41. Daniel says:

    Out of all the years that I have been with FatCow, I have only incurred a few little bumps in my ride. But I truly do agree with so many other people that their tech team is amazing! In all of my phone cases, they had all been helped very fast and they issues had been resolves even faster. There was only one case that they could not fix fast but they were able to explain to me what truly was going on. They also had an idea of how to help but were not too sure about it at all. The issue was a driver with their new hardware that they had installed and all that really needed to do was updated the drivers. I did just go and get another site signed up through FatCow and they had even given me a greater deal then they originally gave me. So everyone really needs to come around and check FatCow out, you will be able to see for yourself how awesome they really are!

  42. Steven says:

    FatCow truly is at the top of their class. When I had signed up to do my site, I could not get over everything that they have been offering for the amazing low cost! Their support team is at the top of their class also! I had an issue uploading along with being able to get the database setup. The FatCow personnel have been so very helpful to me in guiding me through all my issues. Giving FatCow 2 huge thumbs up!!!

  43. Anne says:

    Originally I had selected FatCow just by reading the reviews like the one I am writing. Since joining their down times have really been very rare, about irrelevancy, and FatCow’s responses to the remodeling situations has always been very quick. Their amazing competitive prices truly are a definitive plus in my book. Now I hope one day I could return the favor.

  44. Zeke says:

    FatCow is a great find for me! I had been paying so much more just for way less options and so much less service to be provided for me. This is also not counting all of the issues I had with the other hosts. I have just started to run a site from FatCow using the fanton technologies. I truly had many doubts about this host, since I had known noting about them, but I am truly glad I gave it a chance. I really love it and will be recommending it so many other people that would be out there trying to find the best host for their sites. Thank you very much for the amazing hosting along with the ease of doing everything.

  45. William says:

    I have had an awesome experience with FatCow. Their customer support truly is very prompt along with being very helpful to everyone. I would truly recommend FatCow to all of my friends and business associates. This market truly is cluttered with too many different hosting providers, some maybe great the others will be terrible. But just from my experience, FatCow truly is one of the best ones around.

  46. Faith says:

    I had been using a different hosting site to host my web sites, but needed to change since I was way over paying and had so many issues with them. Fat Cow, to me had seemed to be the best one to choose. I have now switches all 8 of my accounts over to FatCow. It only took me under 5 minutes for the live support to be able to walk me straight through the procedures.

  47. Nick says:

    FatCow has a minimal downtime. I would truly recommend FatCow, due to their awesome support. I had worked with many people with their Tech Support and have seen them be very fast and truly friendly. They are always right there on the ball with everything. But, there are some plans that would be cheaper on other sites, but, I truly think FatCow is well worth my money.

  48. Domenique says:

    In my operations any downtime will be very unacceptable. With the FatCow web hosting knowledgeable service team being so wonderful and their cost are just too unbelievable, how could I not love it? I have now been with FatCow for a couple years and would never plan on changing my hosting site, as long as everything they do stays the same. They treat their customers awesome!

  49. Glenn says:

    After getting spam attacks I had decided on trying a different web hosting site for my company. I had found FatCow by reading the reviews that were posted. So I had purchased their service that has so many different options on blocking the spam. Once I had set up all my email accounts the spam had stopped coming in and my company now has been spam free. So if you would be having the same problem with spam, then FatCow would be for you for sure. They are great in spam blocking along with having very wonderful support. It is even available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I truly do recommend everyone give FatCow a try when you would be having any type of difficulty with their web hosting sites.

  50. Sam says:

    After creating my site, I signed up at FatCow for just a year. I wanted to make sure they had good quality service along with seeing how their help would be. Since I am very new to running a web site by myself, the technical and the customer service are very important things just for me. On the first day, I did have many questions. I truly was very impressed with the quality and the timeliness of their response that I had gotten from FatCow. This right here has led me to upgrade my service to the 2 year subscription. They truly do rate very high on my scale, due to the amazingly fast helping. I will always recommend FatCow.

Top web hosting,best web hosting,best shared hosting,best reseller hosting
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Top web hosting,best web hosting,best shared hosting,best reseller hosting
Top web hosting,best web hosting,best shared hosting,best reseller hosting
Top web hosting,best web hosting,best shared hosting,best reseller hosting
Top web hosting,best web hosting,best shared hosting,best reseller hosting
Top web hosting,best web hosting,best shared hosting,best reseller hosting
Top web hosting,best web hosting,best shared hosting,best reseller hosting
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